A new year

Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.

Do you have any special new year resolutions? It could be a target in school like: handwriting, spelling or maths, or it could be a personal goal. My resolution is to stay consistent with my handwriting and to carry on with my hobbies or even try something new. Please tell me your new goals or your thoughts on 2018 in the comments!


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are you exited for Christmas all the plays all the trees its wonderful. but have you ever thought about how lucky you are all the presents you get. did you know lots of children don’t get that. so if you can do something to raise some money or even buy a cheap present I’m sure that would brighten somone’s day, if you do have a chance to please do  so. if you are planning to do that ask an adult .


NASA spacecraft to mars

NASA plan to create  a spacecraft called Orion to take five people to mars. The closed thing to doing this so far is sending a robot to take video footage of this planet. Year 6 are taking part in a competition to help design the inside of Orion and in literacy we are writing an explaination text to show how everything works.

Victorian Day

Victorian Day on PhotoPeach

We had a fantastic time learning all about what school life was like in Victorian times. We made sure we did lots of the 3 ‘R’s in the morning – Reading (reading round the room Treasure Island), Writing (Copperplate writing on chalk boards and spellings) and Arithmetic (rote times tables and very hard money problems) as well as Religious Studies and a fascinating object lesson.
In the afternoon we split into boys and girls groups and looked at D&T areas.
Tell us what you thought of the day.

Victorian day

On Thursday we did a full day of pretending to be Victorians at school. We had to come to school dressed up and miss Taylor to.  When we arrived we got into 2 lines boys and girls then our finger nails were inspected and we were told cleanliness was next to godliness. In the morning we did Victorian maths(it was very hard) and learnt Victorian handwriting. Then after lunch we split into girls and boys. Girls got to make cakes and peg-dolls. Boys did drills and sketching.It was really fun and i enjoyed lots. Image result for victorian dress   Image result for victorian childrenImage result for victorian suit