Angel Rice Biography

Stingray Allstars cheerleader and Team USA power tumbler, Angel Rice was born on the 4th December 1998 in Atlanta GA, where she still lives. Angel started tumbling at a very young age and has been a cheerleader since the age of 6. In 2016 she got a Guinness world record for the most double twists done in a minute and she did 10. Angel has won Cheersport’s “So You Think You Can Tumble” competition 6 times in a row. She is also know as “Athlete of the Games” because she’s the 3 times champion of the Allstar Games. She has won the Cheerleading World Championships twice, once in 2012 with Stingrays Orange and a second time in 2015 with California Allstars Smoed. Angel is inspirational to many young cheerleaders, especially athletes from ethnic minorities and she has a partnership with Marci Lawson called Black Girls Cheer to encourage them to excel in the sport. Many of Angel’s tumbling videos go viral thanks to her large social media following on Instagram (345k followers). She has a brother called Jaden and a sister, De’keira who are also cheerleaders. She has many amazing coaches e.g., Frank Riley III and Roger Schonder.

Here’s a video of her breaking the world record for most double twists in a minute:

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My cousin Holliday Grainger ( AKA Holly ) is an idol for me. She is a brilliant role model and a great actress
Quick facts
Name : Holliday Grainger.
Job: actress.
Birth-date: 27th march 1988.
Place of birth : Didsbury Manchester
 Holly was born in Manchester on March 27th 1988 . She has parts in films such as Cinderella, great expectations and she was Bonnie Parker in 2013 Bonnie and Clyde. She was named after Billie Holliday. She started acting from the age of 6.
“It’s so much easier to draw on emotions in acting when you can understand them better . I find it much easier to cry in a role when I was younger.”- Holliday Grainger.                              Authorised
Inline imagethis is a photo of Holly, Lilly and I, AKA Cinderella and an ugly sister at the Cinerella Premiere after party in London.
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Mo Farah

Mo Farah

Main statistics:

Age: 34                                                    Height: 1.75 metres

Born in: Mogadishu, Somalia                  Sport: Athlete 5km and 10km specialist

Born on: 23 March 1983                          Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Mo Farah is an Olympic Games gold medallist for Great Britain even though he was born in Somalia. Mo represents Great Britain because he moved over to London when he was 8. At the European T&F Championships, July 2010, Mo won Britain’s first ever European gold medal for the 10,000 metres. A week later Mo broke the national record time of 12:57.94 for the 5,000 metres. In the Bejing Olympics before the 5000 metres final he got knocked out.esz

Mo is actually a Muslim but didn’t fast last time because the Olympics were coming up.

Stan Lee biography

Stan Lee was born Stanley Lieber on the twenty-eighth of December 1922, in New York city. His parents were Romanian immigrants called Celia and Jack Lieber. He had a younger brother called Larry. As a student at Dewitt Chilton High he had a passion for writing. After school he became an assistant at Timely Comics . In 1960 Stan Lee turned Timely Comics into the action-packed Marvel that we know today. Lee created X-Men, Spider-man, Dr Strange and many more. He makes a brief appearance in all the Marvel films and narrates most of the TV shows.

by Owen

(extract from the amazing spider-man 2 credits: Marvel Comics and YouTube)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born in Jamaica hospital 14/06/46. He came famous for being a bussinessman and real estate developer in New York City. He later grew to fame as the star of the reality TV show The Apprentice. In 2016 he shocked the world when he was elected as President of the United States.

John Lennon

John Lennon

“If you want to Know about the 60’s listen to the Beatles”


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John Winston Lennon, 1940-1980, was a worldwide famous singer and guitarist who starred as a well-known band member of the Beatles, a popular 60’s group. In his later years he protested against war and made heart-warming albums all about hope and peace.

John Lennon was born on the 9th of October in Liverpool and was raised by his aunt Mimi (mother’s sister). He had a cheeky soul and enjoyed being a mischief. Due to his behaviour he was expelled from his infant school at the age of five. John could have been artist but after hearing Heartbreak Hotel – by Elvis Pressley, he knew his life would depend on music.

It was at the age of fifteen that John first met Paul McCartney (one of his band mates). All four band mates: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) and George Harrison, met in Woolton, Liverpool, in a local church where they were inspired to make one of their classic hits Eleanor Rigby .

The Band carried on their fame winning: 28 top UK hits, 17 UK no.1’s, 65 weeks at No.1 and many, many more. The Beatles was one of the best, well known bands at their time and still are today.

Sadly John split from the band in 1970 and became a solo artist. It was that time of his life he also married his second wife Yoko Ono. Before that he was married to Cynthia Lennon who grew up in the North West of England.

Yoko Ono, an artist, supported John all throughout his musical career – with the band and solo. This shows when John moved America, for his work, Yoko went with him. John spent his time there spreading the very important message of peace across the world. He protested against war and wrote some very touching songs such as Imagine and Jealous Guy.

Unfortunately his hard work in some ways didn’t pay of as the reason for why he’s not here today is because he was shot by a man called Mark Chapman. Mark did own up to it to the Police and Yoko is still alive today.

John Lennon is still respected at this very moment and hopefully always will be. In that reason he has an Airport named after him in Liverpool and his family of his wife, his two sons and his daughter still love him as much as when he was alive. John was a great role model and a great musician!