A short story!

I stood alone, in the middle of the street, as the clouds drowned the moon and the horror, orange street lamps flickered. I wanted to move but I couldn’t, I don’t know why. A dark and huge shadow ran past me before I turned around in alarm. Ignoring what had just occurred, I turned back around and started walking home. My footsteps echoed quietly like water droplets dripping on metal. It was like my spine was being forced to shiver. I heard rattling in the bushes from 1 direction. Soon, before I knew it, rattling came from every direction, getting louder, and louder unti it stopped. I turned around and a huge, black figure stood staring right at me. It’s eyes pierced right through my soul as I ran, and ran, and ran, and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. The figure had seemed to disappear from sight. A shadow on the ground caught my eye. A shadow right next to mine, but much much huger. I turned aroud and….

Would you rather?

Would you rather… Listen to Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?

Would you rather… Have an Apple phone or a Samsung phone?

Would you rather… Shop at H&M or River Island?

Would you rather… Eat at KFC or McDonalds?

Would you rather…  Be a millionaire with no friends or be poor with lots of friends?

A biography about Jade Thirwall!

Born on December 26, 1992, was Jade Thirwall, a member of the British girl group Little Mix! She is Half Egyptian and Half Yemeni. In 2008, Jade Thirwall Auditioned on the X factor on the song, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” but unfortunately, didn’t get selected. She tried again In 2012 and the judges decided to put her into a group. 3 other girls were also on the show, Jesy Nelson, Leigh Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards. They all got put together and now are officially successful singers. They are the first and so far only girl group in the U.K.

By Palak



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Hey everyone! Autumn’s here and we couldn’t think of a better way to start this season. We love Autumn, especially the beautiful, red leaves! Here’s a video where someone explains what they love about Autumn! Tell us about what you like to do in Autumn whether it’s sitting by the fire or taking long walks! Our favourite things about Autumn are: Hot chocolate, Leaf fights and Trick or treating!

By Natasha and Palak