NASA spacecraft to mars

NASA plan to create  a spacecraft called Orion to take five people to mars. The closed thing to doing this so far is sending a robot to take video footage of this planet. Year 6 are taking part in a competition to help design the inside of Orion and in literacy we are writing an explaination text to show how everything works.

Stan Lee biography

Stan Lee was born Stanley Lieber on the twenty-eighth of December 1922, in New York city. His parents were Romanian immigrants called Celia and Jack Lieber. He had a younger brother called Larry. As a student at Dewitt Chilton High he had a passion for writing. After school he became an assistant at Timely Comics . In 1960 Stan Lee turned Timely Comics into the action-packed Marvel that we know today. Lee created X-Men, Spider-man, Dr Strange and many more. He makes a brief appearance in all the Marvel films and narrates most of the TV shows.

by Owen

(extract from the amazing spider-man 2 credits: Marvel Comics and YouTube)