Victorian day

On Thursday we did a full day of pretending to be Victorians at school. We had to come to school dressed up and miss Taylor to.  When we arrived we got into 2 lines boys and girls then our finger nails were inspected and we were told cleanliness was next to godliness. In the morning we did Victorian maths(it was very hard) and learnt Victorian handwriting. Then after lunch we split into girls and boys. Girls got to make cakes and peg-dolls. Boys did drills and sketching.It was really fun and i enjoyed lots. Image result for victorian dress   Image result for victorian childrenImage result for victorian suit

Taylor Alison Swift

Born in 1989 on the 13th of December in Pennsylvania Taylor Alison Swift is a inspiring multi-talented  music hero. She is one of Americas most commercially successful music artists and has also done a few acting jobs here and there.                                       Evan from a young age Taylor took a shine to music and at the age of 10 could play the guitar and soon learned the banjo, piano, ukulele and electric guitar.                              She grow up in Pennsylvania on her family’s Christmas tree farm, flicking prey-mantises of the trees. It was when Taylors parents heard her sing the national anthem at a Detroit Pistons game in 2002 that they realised she had a musical gift. When she was 14 her family moved to Nashville to help her get a career in music.                                         Not only is she a musical wonder she can also act in 2009 she played a rebellious teen in an episode of CSI, In 2012 she voiced Amy In the Lorax and to top it all of in 2013 she was in an episode of New Girl.                                                                          Taylors music was so popular that in 1989 she  sold over 1.3 million copies making her the first female solo artist with two albums selling over 1million copies in the first week.