Sumdog is a great maths game and a good way to test your speed.My favourite game is junk pile.


I want to know what’s your favourite game? And if you could make a game on sumdog what game would you make?

Victorian outfits

If you were a Victorian rich woman would you wear something like this?
Image result for victorian clothing wire

Bare in mind that if you were a Victorian rich woman ; then underneath your dress would be a wire base making it more puffy and your waist more slim. This was all for how the public saw the rich(basically the royal family.)

What’s your favourite song?

Hello! We were wondering what your favourite song is. Everyone has a different type, nobody
is expected to like or love a particular song. For example: Pop, Classic, Rock, etc!
Our favourite song is "Look What You Made Me Do" Which is a new song By Taylor Swift! 
Tell us your favourite song in the comments below!

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