Ariana Grande KRISTEN

Ariana Grande is my favourite singer who has released many songs. I chose to write about her today because of the joy I get from listening to her songs. Ariana Grande was born in Italy but moved to the US when she was only young. Ariana has a brother who is 11 years older then her and she also has her mum and dad. Ariana Grande did a concert in the Manchester Arena which unfortunately got bombed in a terror attach earlier this year.In respect of that , Ariana decided to make a concert called ONE LOVE MCR where she raise over £2 million.

ghyll head

Is everyone exited for ghyll head??? because I definitely am! its the firs time really away from my parents. yyyeeesss  I was really jealous when my sister went to ghyll head she got to go kayaking and caving and loads more. now its my turn later this year I’m very exited!!! in the coments tell me what your exited for in ghyll head!