Mo Farah

Mo Farah

Main statistics:

Age: 34                                                    Height: 1.75 metres

Born in: Mogadishu, Somalia                  Sport: Athlete 5km and 10km specialist

Born on: 23 March 1983                          Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Mo Farah is an Olympic Games gold medallist for Great Britain even though he was born in Somalia. Mo represents Great Britain because he moved over to London when he was 8. At the European T&F Championships, July 2010, Mo won Britain’s first ever European gold medal for the 10,000 metres. A week later Mo broke the national record time of 12:57.94 for the 5,000 metres. In the Bejing Olympics before the 5000 metres final he got knocked out.esz

Mo is actually a Muslim but didn’t fast last time because the Olympics were coming up.

School Trip

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Year 6 are going on a school trip next week to Dunham Massey.
Have you been there? Did you like it? What did you do there?
We are going there because of our Victorian topic.

Do you know anything about Victorians?