Kensuke’s Kingdom

This term Y6a’s class book is Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michel Morpurgo . This book is a great adventure /dilemma story set in the oceans of the world.

When Michel goes over board on his family’s boat the Peggy Sue he drifts along the Pacific ocean until he reaches dry land on an island. With noImage result for pacific islands food,water or shelter, he curls up in starvation ready to die.But when he wakes up there is a bowl of water, fish and fruit beside him. That’s when Michel realises he’s not alone.

I recommend this book any others by Michel Morpurgo . If you have read it please tell me your thoughts below !!!!!!!!

by Nancy

One thought on “Kensuke’s Kingdom

  1. I really like kensuke’s Kingdom because it make you think about what could come next. I all so like the fact that the characters in the book have a background and is told in the story.

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