Ariana Grande KRISTEN

Ariana Grande is my favourite singer who has released many songs. I chose to write about her today because of the joy I get from listening to her songs. Ariana Grande was born in Italy but moved to the US when she was only young. Ariana has a brother who is 11 years older then her and she also has her mum and dad. Ariana Grande did a concert in the Manchester Arena which unfortunately got bombed in a terror attach earlier this year.In respect of that , Ariana decided to make a concert called ONE LOVE MCR where she raise over £2 million.

5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande KRISTEN

  1. Wow! I never knew all this about her! What an amazing lady to have helped raise all that money. A truly inspirational person. Madame Warrington

  2. i think that before the bombing In the arena, she was a bit of a princess, but the bombing made her think about others over herself.
    now she is an amazing person with TALENT!!!

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